On the other side of the Earth (essay)

You can find my essay "On the other side of the Earth" that was published first time in 2007, now here on the page of my essays and stories Various Senses. Мое эссе "На другой стороне Земли", бывшее в первый раз опубликованным в 2007 на страницах старого канувшего в лету информационно-художественного сигарного портала "Большая Русская Сигара" (на моей авторской странице [...]

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I am glad to meet in my site all lovers of cigar smoke, great food, and wonderful products  of La Buena Vida. I have been learning cigars, as I can proudly say, from the most knowledgeable masters and distinguished connoisseurs all over the world during the last 12 years, in parallel developing my knowledge in gastronomy and cooking, as well as my tasting abilities. A “professionally-trained” connoisseur, as dictionaries explain: “person competent to pass critical judgement in an art or matter of taste, a discerning judge of the best”, I’m not sure if I feel like a judge of the things I love with all my heart and taste receptors, but I will definitely share my knowledge and appreciation with those who want to learn. Natural sensitive perception of taste and smell enables me to derive pleasure and wonderful emotions from the great things of quality, never taking them for granted.

I write in-depth cigar reviews, share experiences for which I hunt tirelessly, of amazing products and great places, and share my knowledge and hints on cooking, savouring, combining tastes. I write mostly about those cigars which I choose to be worthy of appreciation, analyzing, memorizing, and enjoying again! So, this website is not planned to be a catalogue, and not a list of new releases, but a guide for a Gourmet. 

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Taste is my icon. The taste of a fine cigar, the taste of a sophisticated Haute cuisine dish or a rustic hearty dinner in an Italian village. The taste of a journey, the aromas of woodlands, Mediterranean landscapes, tropics and seas. The aftertastes and warm memories of meetings with special people. Journeys to various places, where I have not been before, or have been and they became the gems in my collection of life’s great emotions. I try to live what I love. And appreciate every possibility to savor things that I like. I have a pretty good base of cultural academic education, that’s why, when it comes to the area of pleasure products, I often combine and compare them in my mind, while tasting, with art, music, history, culture, literature, and other things that make a human’s life so much more exciting, interesting and substantial than just consuming. Every product, even the finest by itself, such as a cigar, reveals its pith better and has a deeper effect on you when you can see a bit more to it than just an expensive and stunningly packed treat. It shares its soul with you and gives you the warmth of the hands of the people who grew and cultivated it, and you give it back your love and appreciation, and here we go – precious exchange, join me in it!

March 2016

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Partagás “Añejados” Coronas Gordas (in Russian)

Partagás Añejados Coronas Gordas Приветствуем очередной выход новой витолы в серии Añejados. Мне особенно интересно попробовать эту кубинскую новинку, потому что в списке глобальных брэндов Habanos Partagás - один из моих самых любимых. Что же [...]

February 2016

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Partagás Corona Gorda “Añejados” (in Russian)

Чем старше - тем лучше. Partagás Corona Gorda "Añejados" Несмотря на то, что мы имеем в данном случае дело с хорошо выдержанными, зрелыми сигарами, они - продукт нового концепта Habanos. Представлен он был год назад [...]

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LA GLORIA CUBANA La Casa de Habano 25th Aniversario (in Russian)

LA GLORIA CUBANA La Casa de Habano 25th Aniversario Pirámides La Gloria Cubana La Casa de Habano 25th Aniversario В 2015 году в Гаване были выпущены 2 особые сигары, посвященные 25-летию сети La Casa [...]

October 2015

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Davidoff Escurio – Night in Rio

Davidoff Escurio   Night in Rio - this fantasy inspired the producers for creating the new cigar line - Escurio. The vibrant night Rio, intrigue, evening aromas, colours and tastes... I met the representatives of [...]

August 2015

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CIGARS RATED UNDER 85 (2015) (in Russian)

Rated under 85 (year 2015) Davidoff Escurio Robusto (in Russian) Новая серия  Davidoff. На внешность: красивый темный покров натурального maduro - эквадорский Habano. Привлекательно лоснится. В состав мешки входят многие виды табаков, такие как бразильский [...]

July 2015

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VILLIGER Tobajara – CIGAR of the SUMMER 2015

VILLIGER Tobajara - Cigar of this Summer! Brasil Claro (selected tobaccos)   Here is a cigar from the line Tobajara by Villiger, interesting and, probably, my favourite line of Villiger cigars today. These cigars are [...]






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