Gastronomy and cigars are the areas of creativity and the sources of great enjoyment, and they are close in many ways. They both celebrate the warmth of hand-made art and devotion to taste. 

Cigars and Gastronomy

The materials on this page are about fine dining places and just quality or impressive places to visit, my cooking advices, advices on taste combinations, information about great products of gastronomy, and combinations of cigars with food/drinks.


September 2017

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The new Autumn-Winter season is best met at the Berlin-classic kaffeehaus "Leysieffer" right in the centre point of the city. It is warm and cosy, designed [...]

March 2017

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Ачма / Achma – Georgian and Abkhazian treat

Ачма Одно из моих юношеских воспоминаний о Москве - это поедание на старом Арбате, в кафетерии "Воды Лагидзе" (существует ли оно сейчас?) этого довольно экзотического, [...]

December 2015

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Glühwein! Рождество и Новый Год!

Glühwein! Рождество! Рожденственское вино Gluhwein Вот и наступили в Германии затяжные празднования Рождества на улицах и на Рождественских ярмарках -  Weichnachtsmarkt. Я посещаю [...]

April 2015

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Spicy and Sour Meat Salad (in English)

♥Victoria's recipe Spicy and sour Meat Salad SPICY AND SOUR MEAT SALAD I like to make this salad from time to time. It [...]

December 2014

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Casserole with beef ribs (in Russian)

♥Victoria's recipe Нежная Кассероль с говяжьими ребрами (рецепт) Я люблю кассероль. Рецептов приготовления "горшка" с медленно тушеными в духовке овощами и мясом, и/или с другими [...]

October 2014

  • Merlene Bar

Marlene Bar, Berlin

Marlene Bar in Berlin is a friendly place which combines classiness and simplicity in a good meaning of it. If you pop up there in [...]