The terms used in my cigar tastings:

Capa – wrapper leaf, Capote – binder, Tripa – filler.

Cold nose – the aroma of the tasted cigar while it is unlit.

Dry taste – the same term like in wine terminology (opposed to “sweet”), not to be confused with overdried tobacco leaves. The percentage of sweetness is inversely proportional to dryness.


cigars    Impressions 2015

List of Recommended premium-class cigars  (updated during the year)

Rafael González Petit Piramides Edición Regionales 2013

MONTECRISTO Churchill Añejados

TRINIDAD Fundadores

VEGUEROS Mananitas

VILLIGER Tobajara Claro

August 2015

  • cigar rated under 85

CIGARS RATED UNDER 85 (2015) (in Russian)

Rated under 85 (year 2015) Davidoff Escurio Robusto (in Russian) Новая серия  Davidoff. На внешность: красивый темный покров натурального maduro - эквадорский Habano. Привлекательно лоснится. [...]

July 2015

  • Villiger Tabajara cigars

VILLIGER Tobajara – CIGAR of the SUMMER 2015

VILLIGER Tobajara - Cigar of this Summer! Brasil Claro (selected tobaccos)   Here is a cigar from the line Tobajara by Villiger, interesting and, probably, [...]

May 2015

  • cigar reviews

Montecristo Churchill AÑEJADOS

Montecristo Churchill Añejados    Announced last year, and presented at the Habanos Festival XVII, Añejados add the cigar list of most demanding, refined smokers. These [...]

April 2015

  • cigar reviews

Romeo y Julieta Piramides AÑEJADOS

Romeo y Julieta Piramides Añejados   I have in front of me one of the two vitolas of the line Añejados (which means aged) - [...]

March 2015

  • cigar review Vegueros Mananitas

VEGUEROS Mañanitas (in Russian)

Vegueros Mañanitas Вышедшая в 2013 в обновленной серии Vegueros (это марка, посвященная табачным фермерам, которые выращивают и культивируют табак для премиальных сигар), сигара сразу приглянулась мне [...]

  • Cigar Trinidad Fundadores

TRINIDAD “Fundadores” (in English)

Trinidad Fundadores   This cigar is definitely one of my most favourite cigars ever. Some years are better, some years a little worse, but it's [...]