The terms used in my cigar tastings:

Capa – wrapper leaf, Capote – binder, Tripa – filler.

Cold nose – the aroma of the tasted cigar while it is unlit.

Dry taste (of cigars) – the same term like in wine terminology (opposed to “sweet”), not to be confused with over-dried tobacco leaves. The percentage of sweetness is inversely proportional to dryness.


  Impressions 2017

List of Recommended premium-class cigars  (updated during the year)

Quai d’ORSAY Corona Claro(Russian)

March 2016

  • 2Vic

Partagás “Añejados” Coronas Gordas (in Russian)

Partagás Añejados Coronas Gordas Приветствуем очередной выход новой витолы в серии Añejados. Мне особенно интересно попробовать эту кубинскую новинку, потому что в списке глобальных брэндов [...]

February 2016

  • Cigar review, cigar tasting, la gloria cubana

LA GLORIA CUBANA La Casa de Habano 25th Aniversario (in Russian)

LA GLORIA CUBANA La Casa de Habano 25th Aniversario Pirámides La Gloria Cubana La Casa de Habano 25th Aniversario В 2015 году в Гаване [...]