The terms used in my cigar tastings:

Capa – wrapper leaf, Capote – binder, Tripa – filler.

Cold nose – the aroma of the tasted cigar while it is unlit.

Dry taste (of cigars) – the same term like in wine terminology (opposed to “sweet”), not to be confused with over-dried tobacco leaves. The percentage of sweetness is inversely proportional to dryness.


  Impressions 2017

The list of recommended premium-class cigars  (updated during the year)

  • Quai d'Orsay

Quai d’ORSAY Coronas Claro

Quai d'ORSAY Corona Claro Quai d'ORSAY Corona Claro 42 x 142 Capa: Cuba Capote: Cuba Tripa: Cuba Origin: Cuba Visual & Wrapper: Tidy and nice suede-like wrapper of a warm tone. Cold nose: [...]