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To me, there is one more sense which must be present in a human being: Conscience. If you think you have it, and if your heart is in the right place, please read on. If you would like to share some facts, articles, videos, for being published here, please get in touch.

„Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.“ – Dolores Ibbaruri, a communist, antifascist, who fought with the bloody fascist regime of Franco (Spain).

My site was not meant to talk about politics,

but in these times, like many other honest, thinking people, I can’t keep quiet. In simple words, in my not perfect English (it’s not my native language) I speak out the point of view of those who have conscience. It’s about waging a xenophobic fascist war against Russia. About those who have “selective morality” which they spread on young people’s minds via google, social networks and lying medias daily. Those who deliberately impose on the younger generation – the future of this Planet – the anti-human doctrine called “lgbt+” and the sad consequences all these things will lead to. I speak about the global evil that has seized power over people’s minds, the globalist-fascist government of the World and their information army: google, social nets, youtube etc.

On May the 8-9th, the Day of the Great Victory over fascist Gemany, when USSR by the price of 27 MILLIONS of lives of people, defeated the tyranny of global fascism led by Hitler, – in 2023 Berlin authorities allowed display of the Ukrainian flags, but not Russian flags (!). The Ukrainian flag was a flag of Hitler’s collaborators on the “grey” territory of Western Ukraine, who were helping their idols in killing people, who burnt and tortured civilians to death, women, children… Ukrainian flag is still a flag of the nazi state: the newly madeup 30 years ago state, based on the revived spirit of nazism and fascism. The state which openly glorifies Hitler, Bandera and other nazi criminals, terrorizes disagreeing civilians, like did their idols. Berlin banned Russian and Soviet Union flags: the country that saved from inevitable extinction hundreds of nationalities! Berlin politicians even banned the ribbons of Saint George, the symbol of the Victory! So on the sacred Day there fly over Berlin the flags of Hitler-collaborators… Here is the article about Berlin banning the flags of Victory over hitlerism in the WWII, a year ago:  This year Berlin turned brown even deeper…

Sense of Conscience

The source of real news – RT.COM – is banned in the pro-Washington states. It can be found here:  Live stream:  Learn the truth about atrocities of ukronazi in the II WW and NOW. The greedy political “elites” of EU/UK/USA support criminal Kiev regime and sadists-successors of Hitler’s ideas amongst the population of the formation called “Ukraine”.

Russia took protection over Donbass & Lugansk civilians that have been suffering 10+ years genocide in hands of Kiev regime. Kiev shells kindergartens, schools, markets, hospitals in the anti-fascist regions. (see the Alley of Angels, about the graves of children killed by Kiev regime – the number is far bigger now). In fact, from Kiev illegiimate fascist junta suffer millions of civilians all over Ukraine, who have not got brainwashed into a “special” ethnicity “über alles” (Hitler’s style), and disagreed to accept the regime that came to power illegitimately in 2014. The foundation for them taking power has been created during 30 years, since the USSR was dissolved, with financing from Washington, UK and EU politicians. Then the nazi started making their way to power and brain-washing of the population in the formation called “Ukraine”.

Media and internet are in hands of globalists, it’s hard to find the truth in the EU and Britain. All Russian and other sources of information that differs from the fakery mainline of Western dictatorship, are BLOCKED in the “collective West”. Youtube removes, downgrades videos from Donetsk, Lugansk and other anti-fascist regions of the formation called Ukraine, where civiliains daily suffer under Kiev’s shellings on civilian objects. “Freedom of expression”! Indeed, fascism, nazism, collonialism, racism ARE Western things, if we look in history. There’s going Luciferian attack on Russia and its moral and spitirual vaues, its traditions of anti-fascism and equality. The vassals of evil were standing applauding on the Cannes Festival to the criminal Zelenskiy, the same as they clapped to Hitler.

Kiev victims: Madonna of Gorlovka, Kiev Nazism, Nazi of Kyiv, Kyiv Nazism, genocide in Ukaine.

“Madonna of Gorlovka” – 2014, Victims of Kiev Regime

The pro-Washington states during the 30 years have been conducting evil agenda to dehumanize Russia, its people and its leader, in order to one day strangle Russia, which would be then completely surrounded by NATO. To steal the natural resources (like they are doing in Syria), swallow the territory and culturally mold the people into the blinded, limited-minded herd led by the plutocrats-globalists; obsessed by consumption, “genders”, and victimizing own children to “lgbt+” doctrine. President Putin did not allow that scenario, and the nation supported the anti-terror Operation against the fascist Kiev regime and its masters – Western “elites”. In reality, this is a fight of values. Take the right side.

The “collective West”  launched a massive war of counterfeit against Russia. The amount of falcifications in West media, internet, on TV is unparalleled since the Goebbels propaganda time. The Operation of Denazification and Demilitarization of Kiev Regime is a counter-terrorism operation to stop genocide committed on the anti-fascist, pro-Russia regions of the formation “Ukraine”. During the last 30 years the history books have been re-written there, even books for small children are full of aggression to Russia. However, the years 0f erasing the historical memory financed by Washingon, have not change the believes of brave people in the anti-fascist regions, and in other regions as well, although those have to live in danger, in the mass-schizophrenic realm of nazism glorification.

Really speaking, the territory of the fake country belongs to Russia, but Russia does not demand it back, however won’t allow there an existence of the fascist formation, terrorizing honest people and humiliating the memory of their Soviet grandfathers and grandmothers, who fought there the bloody 4 years with Germany in 1941-1945.

The Operation is not only to neutralize pro-Hitler regime, but stand against warmongering NATO, Western war-complex woven with corrupt politicians. NATO instructors in Ukraine since years have been teaching how to kill, their “foundations” have been reforming the population of Ukraine into “ethnicity” which must hate Russia (but the ethnicity of ukrainian population is RUSSIAN!). NATO keeps providing weapon to the terrorists. Russia does not fight ukrainian civilians, the opposite: feeds, treats, evacuates, gives passports to those who want. Ukronazi shoot in the backs those who try to leave for Russia. Kiev shell civil objects in the disagreeing regions and bordering Russia’s towns daily, with Western weapon. Ukrainian militants shoot, rape, loot, torture civilians. Kiev politicians have killed even their own peace negotiator! NO, Russia does not “want Ukraine’s lands”, it GAVE THEM ALL to Ukraine, and the country status, 30 years ago.

ukraine is a nazi state

Above is Western Ukraine in 1938-1945, collaborating with Hitler. Below is the WHOLE Ukraine in 2014-2024. Nazism has spread its metastases all over the formation called “Ukraine”.

Ukraine war


The same kind of people make Kiev junta and a big part of ukrainian population NOW. They worship Hitler and Bandera – holocaust murderer who killed and tortured to death many Jews, Russians, Polish and other ethnicities. Nazi batallions oficially make the National Guard of Ukraine. Kiev Regime commits massacre on civilians, kills journalists, threatens Russian-speaking native population (the MAJORITY of the made-up “country”), burns people alive. As real nazi they propagate cult of sadism. Those considered “not enough ukrainian” and who don’t support the ideology of hatred, get punished. This happens on the territories, poored with the blood of Soviet people in the II WW (for the former USSR citizens it’s called “The Great Patriotic War”). The same Nazi killed then 27 MILLION people of the USSR. This is why Kiev regime should be neutralized.

Up to more than 50 Pentagon-controlled biolaboratories have been functioning in close proximity to Russia’s borders. A total of 336 biolaboratories in 30 countries worldwide are under the control of the US military department. The activities of these laboratories have been accompanied by a worsening epidemic situation for high-risk infections, and the emergence of atypical infectious diseases. Since 2010, brucellosis, Crimean-Congo fever, West Nile fever, African swine fever and uncharacteristic expansion of vector ranges have been reported in the territories bordering Ukraine.

Russia is fighting pure satanism as a state order of Ukraine led by the Western globalist-fascists. German “scientists” have spread from air a type of tuberculosis on Donbass region. USA have been experimenting on mentally ill patients in ukrainian hospitals. NATO stored a huge amount of weapon there, planning an attack on Russia. Terrible evidences are being found in Ukro-nazi dots: people burnt, headless, bodies’ of raped women with swasticas cut on them, bunkers for tortures. Here is a video from Ukrainian TV – blood-thirsty propaganda of hatred ISIS-style (western censors keep erasing it everywhere, I hope it’s still viewable here: Ukronazi propaganda of hate ISIS style on Ukrainian TV

Sense of Conscience

A mine called “Petal”. Such mines Kiev Regime speads in the living areas of Donetsk. People there lose parts of their bodies or die. Kiev uses these banned mines on civlians, especially children who can mistake them for toys. USA, UK, EU sponsor ukrainian terrorism and Ukraine’s Fascist Army.

VIDEO of ALINA LIPP, the brave German journalist who has spent long time in Donbass region: Witness report from Donetsk  – Alina is prosecuted and threatened by Germany for videos about civilians in the anti-fascist areas suffering from Kiev regime of Zelenskiy and formerly Poroshenko. Her mother, who is not even a blogger, is being punished, too.

September 2022: RT in English in the pro-Washington states, which are under control of globalist-fascists, can be found here:

Read the articles of Paul Craig Roberts about the counterterrorism operation of Russia on Ukrainian military and regime:

January 2023: “The limited military operation” in Ukraine...was eight years late”:

April 2022:

21 April 2022: The proof of that NAZISM is a state ideology of Ukraine. Germany and other pro-Washington states sponsor nazism/racism, targeting Russian ethniciy. Here is a picture of Ukrainian Universitites students celebrating Hitler’s Birthday, and police does not do anything.

Sense of Conscience

Video about the tragedy in Zugress in 2014, when Ukrainian Army shelled children’s beach:

Now Germany, EU, Britain, USA are showing their true faces, lying DAILY in their puppet mass media about “Russian aggression”, they show Ukronazi terror on markets, kindergartens, houses as “Russian aggresson” on “poor Ukraine”. EU/UK/USA finance and support sheer nazism and fascism.

Just a few examples: Ukronazi Army shelled market in Donetsk on 03.06.2022, shelled a birth house with JUST-BORN BABIES in Donbass on the 13.06.2022. They know exactly what they are doing, like did their masters NATO (alnglo-saxons first of all), “famous” for carpet-bombing of cities, kindergartens, civilians. Ukronazi do exactly the same.

These are nothing else but NAZI methods: human-hatred, sadistic crimes towards the people they find “not enough Ukrainian”! (which is noncence: vast majority of people living in Ukraine since centuries, except from the minorities, are Russian by blood, or “Malorossian” which means “living in the Smaller Russia” – the true name of Ukraine. There is no such ethnicity as “ukrainian”).

The very IDEOLOGY of modern Ukraine is based on the Nazi ideas of hatred towards Russia and Russian people. This ideology has been planted more than a century ago, when Austria/Poland/Germany have been trying to cut off the Western part of Russia culturally from the main Russia (the Greater Russia), turning its population against it, punishing those who spoke the native language (Russian). They instigated the appearance of the so-called “language” calling it “Ukrainian”, which was just a peasant, uneducated DIALECT of Russian artificially added with some Polish words. The linguists can proof that “ukrainian” is not a language, but just a dialect. Propagandists of Ukronazi spirits also propagated hatred towards the capital of Russia and just Russia itself.

Ukraine as a “country” never ever existed. The very word “ukraine” takes its roots from the russian word “okraina”, which means “outskirs”, the border territories. The USSR (the state of the Soviet Union) got dissolved about 30 years ago, and gave Ukraine a status of a state.

At that very minute the new “state” where the inhabitants were mainly Russian people, was overpowered by the West-ukrainian Nazi forces. The last legitimate president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was not one of them, he was a honest decent “Malorossyan” (the TRUE term for ukrainians – the one “living in the Smaller Russia”). He was ready to meet all the expectations of the “rebellers”, in fact terrorists sponsored by Washigton and EU, but he was overthrown, and the “country” became a completely NAZI, FASCIST STATE.

Former Soviet Union people call The II World War “The Great Patriotic War”, because it took away 27 MILLION people, and was hardest in history for the country. In the times of the Great Patriotic War the elements of the Ukrainian nazi ideology appeared in a bad light: they started “helping” Hitler: killing people, burning and torturing them to death, including children which they were nailing to the trees… Their terrible leader – Bandera – is now an oficial idol of the neo-nazi Ukraine. Modern Nazi Ukraine installed hundreds of memorials to this murderer of humanity, an executive of the holocaust.

Ukrainian Nazi in the times of II WW killed and tirtured to death hundreds of thousands of Russians, Jews, Polles, Roma people, and even those they considered “Ukrainians”, and many other ethnicities…

This is why the modern Ukro-nazi hate us, honest former-USSR people, because we are the heirs of the Great Victory over fascism in 1941-1945, which ensured peace and a possibility to exist for many nations and races on the Earth.

Now the historical documents can show that not “all World” was standing against global Fascism with us, Soviet People, like we all tend to believe. No, some American and British business companies sponsored Hitler, the British queen was saluting Sieg Heil to Hitler! The Western leaders LIED to the people of the Earth that they were on the good side, on the human side. And they are doing the same now! They support UKRO-NAZISM.

France has NEVER really fought in he II WW, the other way around, tried to ally with Germany. USSR and its head Stalin HIMSELF kindly and magnanimously took France into the group of the “winners” of the II WW… It was also Stalin, who did not allow the Western allias to completely destroy Germany, he said: “Hitlers come and go, German people say”.

Too early we got relaxed, to quickly we forgave! This is now more than Anti-terror operation in Ukraine, it’s the WAR for the HISTORICAL MEMORY and for HONOUR. The war of good with evil.

Modern Ukrainian nazi hate Russian antifascist spirit, the morals of peaceful co-existence and protection over smaller ethnicities, internationalism, which we, Russian and Russia’s people (of many ethnicities) find the main value of our state and country.

The Holocaust murderers now make the official HEROES of the so-called country Ukraine, which is in reality a fascist formation, made from oligarchs, nazi (the heirs of Hitlerites, which Stalin, too kindly, did not destroy after the II WW), and Washington representaives. Their OFFICIALY GLORIFYED heros are: Hitler, Bandera, Shuchevych – the criminals of the II WW and holocaust.

VT Uncensored Foreign Policy:

Victory Day’s Absurd Persecutions against Russians in Europe recall the “Insane Ambitions of the Nazis”

People of Western Europe, USA and other countries, please do not belive the massive fakery that the politicians of the pro-Washington “collective West” and their puppet medias produce against Russia. Right now every video on Western TV channels, in social nets, showing the events in Ukraine, is  FALCIFICATED: either staged (like “the white helmets” in M. East) or recorded in a totally different time, place, or the facts are twisted right the opposite way. The daily crimes of Kiev’s Ukronazi army are hushed. Every fake is being pointed out daily by Russian TV. But in “West” Russian TV and any media that speak differently from the main (fascist) line is banned, Youtube removes or downgrades truthful videos. “Freedom of speech”. Stand with Russia against globalist-fascist “elites” and their executers Kiev/Kyiv Regime.

Here is the FULL speech of Vladimir Putin on the 24.02.2022 (with English subtitles) – right before the day when Russia accepted the independence of Donetsk & Lugansk regions :

Read the history of the formation called “Ukraine” and its very name (meaning “outskirts”) here, in this very thorough article:

British journalist Graham Phillips made a good film about the crimes of Ukrainian Nazism. But youtube (instrument of global-fascists) removed it.

Russia and its President have accepted an independent status of Donezk (Donbass) & Lugansk republics, as well as a few other anti-fascist regions of the formation called “ukraine”. You can’t “negotiate” with murderers supported by the EU  (Merkel admitted her lies concerning the Minsk Accords). They have been shelling Donbass for 9 years, writing on the rockets carying death: “FOR THE CHILDREN OF DONBASS”. On the 3.06 Ukrainian forces have shelled 2 schools which were almost empty thanks to the holiday, they killed one child and 2 women, one from which was pregnant. There is no Russian military there, it’s a completely different part, they knew they were killing civilians. Have the pro-Washington medias told you about this?…

Russia carries out the Operation of De-nazification and De-militarizations of the bloody Kiev Regime. No, this is NOT a war on Ukraine citizens, this is about disarming and neutralization the regime which has been mocking and killing anti-fascists in Donezk/Lugansk and all over Ukraine for more than 8 years, in reality for 30 years. They have been depriving the native population of their culture, language, although the native language of the teritory is Russian. In 2014 they burnt the disagreeing people alive (Odessa massacre). Kiev Mafia killed their own negotiator of peace agreements with Russia.

The massive propaganda and fakery in “West” makes it difficult to hope for the soon improvement of the relationship between Russia and Ukraine. After the long time people of Russia decided to protect the native population from Genocide which have been concealed by the “official” West press and politicians. Russian forces avoid civil infrastructures and spare civilians. The millions of falcifications used in the internet and on TV in “West” countries is a sheer aggression on Russia and Russian people. President Putin only expressed the point and view and the will of the VAST MAJORITY of Russians. Western war- and economic criminals target Russian people and their well-being, health and lives. Western criminal leaders don’t even hide anymore their Nazi agendas and dreams. Just like their predecessor Hitler. One of the sheer Nazi in the European (German) Government is Annalena Baerbock. She does not even hide her aggression towards Russian people as a nation in her (quite poorly educated) speeches, and praises her Nazi family roots.

USA, Germany, France, Britain, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other states Governments that finance or arm this genocide, can and should be considered states-sponsors of Terrorism. Here is the list of the Western politicians who should be considered criminals and trialed for sponsoring and supporting nazism, racism, xenophobia, for establishing BIO Laboratories in Ukraine working on the deadly deseases, and arming the terrorist state of Ukraine:

Joe Biden, Ursula von der Leyen, Boris Johnson, Antony Blinken, ,

American/International website SOTT (SIGNS OF THE TIMES) was talking about UKRONAZISM-FASCISM long time ago:

Down below:

There is a link to the film made by a German filmmaker about Donbass/Lugansk regions in Ukraine years ago, where citizens have to live, including children, daily under the shellings of Kiev’s Army. Kiev (or Kyiv – as it was changed by the propagandizers of the “ukrainian language” in order to boost nazi spirits of the phantom “nation”) – Kyiv government commits genocide on the citizens of Southeast Ukraine/Donbass region (now Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic) because they disagree to live under the rule of the Nazi Junta that came to power illegitimate way, through the bloody coup financed from Washington.

Also I link to the News Front, the agency objectively covering events in Russia, Donbass, Ukraine, Syria, around the world. Also there are links to a number of other honest and brave sources, and links to the websites speaking about the modern form of fascism targeting childhood and humanity in general: LGBT+ doctrine.

*This article was written in the period of the 9+ years of Kiev’s aggression on the areas of Donetsk and Lugansk, long before the Anti-terror Operation of Russia in Ukraine.

All you can find now in youtube and google (especially if you search in English) – is fake smilie faces of “happy life” in Ukraine. In reality, more than 10 million (!) people fled from Ukraine in the last years since the Junta came to power: some to Russia, some to other countries. Many escaped for good, others just work abroad illegally in order to make survival. Now in Ukraine remain: those who disagree but are afraid to express their point of view different from the Nazi main line – for instance, the wish to live in a safe multinational country as used to be the USSR where Ukraine was a part of the country that did not have nazism and racism, – and those who are completely brainwashed (mainly the younger generation). In reality, in Ukraine there are severe persecutions against journalists who try to tell the world about what is happening. In Ukraine the authorities imprison people who dared to honor the memory of the grandfathers who defeated fascism in the II World War. This clearly explains what sort of state ideology the new politicians propagate.

The information about what is happening in Donbass/Lugansk regions does not get heard and seen by “the other world”. When citizens of Donbass/Lugansk regions (Southeast Ukraine) try to place in Youtube videos of the genocide and massacre that Kiev Junta and its sponsors commit there – youtube immediatelly removes them!! So that people in other countries would never know the truth! SHAME ON YOUTUBE – the sponsor of the TERROR on SOUTHEAST UKRAINE CIVILIANS and RUSSIAN CITIZENS THERE (it’s former RUSSIAN territory!). SHAME on the UK and USA Governments. They should be prosecuted for sponsoring terrorism.

Fascism is NATO

NATO supports Fascists in Ukraine

find RT, Russia Today in English

Michael Lüders  : Im Fadenkreuz: Der Fall Julian Assange (there are English subtitles there)

Unz Review


Sense of Conscience

The Russian Spring magazine

Journalist Eva Bartlett who lived years in Syria and in Gaza/Palestine writes: about Syria and Palestine

Film of Mark Bartalmai - Ukrainian Agony

Film of Mark Bartalmai about genocide in Ukraine
committed by Kiev with support of Washington,
London and some EU governments.

Sense of Conscience



The rare voice of NORMALITY and honesty amongst the US media: Tucker Carlson

The mass media of the Western ruling liberal clique

manages to make people almost incapable of questioning and thinking. They believe the misinformation that is being dished to them for decades.

Look at even the last elections in USA. The liberal clique used most immoral methods to vilify and slander Trump (and I am not fully on his side because he, like other Washington politicians, supported war, and he killed Suleimani), in order to keep their corporate power over the minds of americans – unfortunately, mostly poorly educated and gullible people who can’t see what is being done to them.

West political elites with the support of their powerful propaganda machine including google, Twitter, – lied, rigged their elections, changed facts in google, changed and twisted even very definitions of some words, and as usual – vilified Russia! They are tirelessly braiwashing younger generation of Europe and USA having a constant financial support from the criminals like the thief and serial killer Khodorkovsky – former Russian citizen – an oligarch who killed a number of people who knew his dark “business” biography. He now lives freely in the UK and orchestrates and finances various xenophobic anti-Russia events in Europe, with the support of just-as-corrupt EU politicians. The word “democracy” itself actually is twisted by them.

The very story of Navalniy was a project of the “collective West”. Navalniy who has proven himself in his own speeches as an anti-semite and a small fame-searcher, has been financed from abroad for organizing unrests and bad image of Russia. This was done for the same sake as all other globalists’ projects of the informative war: to vilify Russia and its President (voted by the majority of Russia’s people, by the way). The Governments so-called “defenders of democracy” turned Julian Assange into an ill person, they made him a victim for speaking the truth about their warmongering operations.

Majority of people in West countries (where I live) have no idea about many significant happenings in “other” countries, because those are being hushed or dished distorted. Any try to question their propaganda on TV, in magazines, papers, google and other instruments of their influence on people’s minds they label as “conspiracy theory”. It ceases to be only the war of informations, it has already become the war of convictions, human honour and morality.

Let’s open our eyes and turn to the real facts of the life that the liberal so-called democratic but in reality plutocratic, fascist, criminal governments create for the people, with support of their powerful and monstrously deceitful puppet media, social networks and google practising digital fascism.

stop nato

Stop NATO expansion. NATO = Nazi

To strike Russia with nuclear weapon, miss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer? Have you forgotten what happened just 76 years ago?


The USSR and Russia never, I repeat, NEVER in their history considered the possibility of a nuclear strike against the United States or any other country.
The USSR and Russia could only consider it as a RESPONSE which would be possible only in the worst, most extreme case. And this has always been the main line of the policy of the USSR and Russia: we are PEACEFUL people living according to the principles of HUMANITY. This is why our human morality and values fundamentally differ from the morality of overseas politicians and their supporters.

USA people have no idea what the sorrows of war are: they never really had a war on their territory. The opposite: USA brought countless number of wars and caused disaster in many countries. From the West, on the contrary, we DID hear the idea of ​​a nuclear strike on Russia: the US generals proposed such a terrible action with the agreement of President Truman! (this was soon after the terible II World War! – where USSR lost 27 million lives, liberating the world from nazism/fascism and saving a number of nations from complete extinction.

RECENTLY German politician Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer proposed to strike Russia with a nuclear warhead! Perhaps, miss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer forgot that in the case of Germany it sounds MONSTER at all. Knowing that only 76 years ago her country bombed, burned and almost destroyed my country, the USSR.

She also must have forgotten that the Soviet people, dying and bleeding, managed to come right to Berlin – the heart of German fascism, and got their Victory over it. They did it with honour like real heroes: they did not bomb the cities, the treasures of German architecture and history (like did the “allies” Britain and USA), they shared their little food supply with children and women of Berlin!

The Germans in 1941-1945 came to the USSR, burnt cities and villages, burnt many Soviet people alive, mocked people physically and morally, tortured them, killed millions of citizens. German fascists HATED communists which were anti-fascists, hated that the only society where the main idea was NOT money but somethig else: human values, equality of people. And now – German politicians are showing their true colors again, offering the same hatred towards a country that is almost the only one standing against the terrible forces FOR peace in the world, against Nazism, for respect towards all nationalities and their traditions, for human and family values.

EU and USA governments today are wolfs in sheep’s clothings. We remember the bombings of Yugoslavia. We remember thousands of families killed in Syria, in Afghanistan. We remember the terrible aggression and genocide on the USSR citizens in 1941, and where it came from: Western Europe. Now Western European politicians support the warmongering USA and are acting just on parity with it.

The United States never had a full-scale war directly on their territory. But this is not an excuse for their aggressive and ever-deceitful politics, for their obscure human values.

Now the United States threaten Russians with war (with the hands of their zombifyed and completely corrupt “partner” Ukraine) – because Russia does not want to submit and give away its natural resources, and because Russia does not share the “new ideology” of the Western world:

The ideology that prioritizes sexual preferences and sexual deviations, above anything. Just think to what extent they propose to reduce human values!! The “values” that are proposed and pushed by the collective West are good only for the Western political elites: they create a new kind of human being. They want to turn humanity into a crowd of poorly educated creatures who have no nationalities, no sexes, no belonging, no traditions, no morality, no families…. they would be only obsessed with forms of sexuality and sexual deviations. It’s much easier to rule such a “society”, to manipulate such “people”.
Therefore, the confrontation between Russia and the United States and their supporters is a CONFRONTATION OF GOOD AND EVIL, where the good, and human moral and spiritual values are on the side of Russia.

I am not afraid of being branded “homophobe”, “transphobe” or whatever names the liberal clique has come up with. 

Protect children from LGBT, protect children from sexual abuse, protect children from early sexualization, protect children from sexual maniacs, protect children from pedophiles.

Protect them from the anti-human, evil doctrine

“Phobia” means fear. I am not “afraid” of homosexualists and similar stuff, other people of traditional values and healthy upbringing are not “afraid” either, so this word is initially deceitful. I am against the violation of the children’s rights for childhood, by LGBT propagandizers. Their target is, first of all, children. They push attempts to normalize and even ENCOURAGE homosexualism, transgenderism, and other unhealthy states of human psychosexuality amongst very young, pre-puberty children and teenagers. I’m against violation of children’s rights for their childhood to be pure and healthy. I am against imposing sexuality on pre-puberty children.

In my opinion, such actions of the media sources attacking the RIGHTS of children for healthy and pure childhood, should be considered criminal and prosecuted for child abuse. I can’t number the books and magazines that propagate the evil ideology, their number in West grows, but here are the sources that can be prosecuted for child abuse and violating children’s rights and for damaging children’s mental health:

Google, ; Disney+, Hollywood, UNESCO (if you want to add more names, get in touch with me, I will add them to the list) 

We all, everywhere, should avoid using / watching / buying from these sources.

I oppose stating psychosexual deviations as “normal” and “equal”. Human beings are/and should be equal, but the mentioned state of the psychosexual health is not equal to the healthy state – the only way of reproduction of human being. The forms of “alternative” sexuality and most importantly – mentality – should stay in its niche, instead of being promoted as “trendy” to young children and adolescents. This is wrong and, to my opinion, criminal on a wide scale of the future of the human kind. Such propaganda humiliates the human values of chaste love between a man and a woman in the eyes of children, and damages the vulnerable child’s psyche, as well as normal psychosexual development.

As from the point of human culture values, such propaganda humiliates the spiritual meaning of love between a man and a woman (whether from religious or atheistic point of view).

The Russian government adopted the law, supported by the overwhelming majority of citizens, prohibiting promotion of homosexuality to children through mass media and gay parades. Nowadays this is particularly important. But here, too, the Western machine of lies is again in action: they are fooling people in West lying that Russia is a “bad place” for gays. And this is, again, a sheer shameless lies.

Google’s attempt to transform culture. Today’s young person is driven by a fictional universe that was created by the mass media in the 20th and 21st centuries. Images, adverts normalize homosexuality and prevent other opinions from challenging this sexual tendency. Even the very opportunity to discuss the relevance of education and open propaganda to children and adults of such sexuality is not possible today. Gender dictatorship lies in wait for us everywhere. Censorship in major scientific publications, preventing the exposure of myths about “gender” and orientation, censorship in the media and universities (including Catholic ones) is the “norm” of life in most Western countries today.

They even have abolished the very word homosexualism. – what a devious attempt to push the fake idea that the unhealthy same-sex intercourse is not a form of sexual behavior, but a “sexuality”, that is “innate” and “biological”. Vile nonsense and obscurantism!

The documents about that this form of sexual behavior is only the result of a poor prepubertal upbringing and unhealthy mental environment, have magically disappeared from google (pure fascism). The scientific statements, proofs and documents have gone! As well the the professors and scientists that have a knowledge about this subject – those have disappeared from the view. Many of them were threatened, many have lost their jobs and professional titles.

Down below:

I link to the websites that stand against the google’s agenda to transform human culture and propagandize the anti-human doctrine.

Film “War on Children”  by the Family Watch International

 science for truth, stop lgbt propaganda

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Trans Ideology causes damage to CHILDREN

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Forget about the idea of good missions of UNESCO which now joined the satanic propaganda of LGBT & sexualization of young children: LifeSite

Civil people, including children, daily die in Donbass & Lugansk republics (S-E Ukraine) under Kiev’s shellings.


Kiev Junta came to power after overthrowing the legitimate president. The ground for that was prepared by the long interfering from USA/UK governments. They financed the doctrine of hate towards Russia and the native language of Ukraine – Russian, in the school programs. They financed the long-existing groups of Hitler supporters in West Ukraine (those who’s grandfathers were hanging their own citizens in the II WW times). The new Ukrainian Government (Junta) is made mainly from nazi-fascists who worship and propagandize BANDERA ideology. Bandera was a criminal, a nazi who brutally killed many people of “wrong ethnicities” and own citizens in the times of the II World War, a follower of Hitler. Now Ukrainian Junta (mainly oligarchs and nazis) are desperately and treacherously creating the phantom new “history” and turn Ukraine against Russia, which IS the Ukraine’s roots.

Behind Kiev Junta there are also USA/UK military and government representatives, as well as support of EU government. You will not find in West mass-media and google the truth about Ukraine and its ancient history being Russia. You won’t also find its true history being a part of the country USSR until about 30 years ago.

At the beginning of the Soviet Union as a new country (about 1922) the heads of the USSR in Moscow (capital), created the new republic – Ukraine, supported it, almost made up and enforced its “language”, which in reality is only a coarse dialect of Russian mercilessly mixed with elements of Polish (in order to make it “differ”!). During the Soviet period of time the Government kept adding towards Ukrainian republic (still by then a part of the country USSR) more and more territories, even Stalin did it. So the neofascist Ukraine’s lies about living “unhappily” in the country USSR, which actually made them up and nourished them, is a complete farce.

Now they blame Russia even for the famine (every country had a famine at some point of time! – Russia suffered it as well!), and even for Stalin – the countries’ leader who at times treated incorrectly not only citizens living in Ukrainian republic, but those all over the USSR. (however, we should remember that under his leadership the USSR defeated Hitler Germany). Now the neo-fascist Ukrainian thieves mix up everything into an eadible porridge for uninformed public, by making those little lies they try to fish out more and more money from the “collective West”.

You won’t find much in English-speaking google about the new Kiev government’s genocide towards the majority – Russian-speaking and Russian-thinking population: internationalists, hard-working honest people who respect their real history, appreciate the cultural and international heritage of the country they used to live in (USSR). They keep respect for their countrymates, brothers, irrelevantly from their nationality*. But unfortunately, the last 30 years of devilish propaganda of hatred and schizophrenic madeup ideas have got its results: there are many people in Ukraine now, especially young ones, who believe the main line of their criminal government.

*In the USSR the word “nationality” was not a synonym to the word “citizenship” as it is in the West countries. The nationality meant your ethnic roots, your special belonging to one of the large or small ethnic groups which made the huge and multinational country called Soviet Union. One had the right to choose whether he wanted to put proudly the name of the small (or large) ethnic group of his roots (or nationality) in his passport, or just put “Russian” as the “nationality” if he wanted. The USSR carefully kept and spared under its wing hundreds of small nations/ethnicities/languages/cultures, it was a great, REALLY multinational country, where all the nations coexisted and were equal.

You will not find in the internet much about the intimidation and killings of journalists in Ukraine that speak against the fascist/nazi official line, especially if you search in English, not in Russian. Google is changing history for its masters in Washington, London and EU vassal-governments. These are the reasons why Crimean citizens decided to reunite with Russia, like they were, Russia, until the treacherous “Perestroyka” which ruined USSR as a country. And these are the reasons why Southeast Ukraine (Donbass and Lugansk) stand against Kiev’s aggression. Nazi Kiev wants to steal their homeland and annihilate people there. Crimeans made their choice to break ties with the modern nazi-orientated Ukraine. Russia is being unfairly sanctioned for morally supporting Crimeans – mainly people who consider themselves Russians, Russia’s former citizens (or of the Soviet Union) – in their decision to be with Russia and not with nazi Ukraine.

Kiev politicians and the USA with their supporters have been lying since years that Russian Army was “fighting” in Southeast Ukraine last 8 years. If it was true, Ukraine would have been Nazism-free long ago, and its citizens would not have to wash toilets in Europe and Russia in order to survive. And many people would not have lost their lives killed by the Ukrainian state.

The misinformation, twisting facts, and lies about the World War II


Who won in the II world war? Soviet Union defeated Hitler Germany.

Soviet soldiers (mainly civil men) celebrate the Great Victory over fascist Germany.

of the West political elites (USA/EU/UK) trying to rewrite the history of the WW II have taken on a criminal scale. The Soviet Union liberated, mostly on its own, the world from Nazism and Hitler in 1945. The Soviet Union lost over 26 million of its citizens who fought for our peaceful life. Now West elites and their puppet mass-media are trying to diminish the huge role of the USSR in this Great Victory, those who fought for the sake of the future generations existance. Not only West is trying hard to diminish the heroic feat of the Soviet people – men, women, even chidlren who fought and died on the batterfields, but the Western lie-propagandizing machine is committing an action which could not be considered other than criminal: they take attempts to put Stalin on a par with Hitler! Stalin, irrelevantly from how he ruled his country and treated its people, was the leader of the country which liberated the victims of the concentration camps, went through all Europe on foot liberating country by country, bleeding and dying. They brought the criminals – Nazi officers to Nuremberg Trials (the history of Nuremberg Tribunal, as I just found out, has ALSO been already twisted and rigged. Read the article of Vladimir Putin concerning the history and lessons of the II World War, and about the moral framework that the “collective West” has crossed in its lies about it, rewriting history and replacing the accents.

Soviet people – CIVILIANS – I accentuate – saved not only their own homeland, but also millions of other countries’ inhabitants who were, also, burned, killed, dehumanized and experimented with. However, the citizens of the USSR and Jews of many countries suffered the most: Hitler’s plan was to annihilate first of all : Communists (which was my country – the Anti-fascist state USSR), Jews and Slavs. The Western politicians commemorate the victims of “Holocaust” – BUT – only of the Jewish population?……NOT THE SLAVS AND NOT THE USSR NATIONALITIES?? Those politicians and ideologists/media/books who spread misinformation and undermine the victims among Soviet people and the HEROICAL ACTION of the Soviet people at the II World War (the Great Patriotic War as it is called in Russia) should be brought to justice and prosecuted.

I found a great article in the website Veterans Today about the Siege of Leningrad (or Blockade of Leningrad), the horrible times when Hitler tried to completely annihilate Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg now) with its people, you can read there memories of a survivor of the Siege:

Look further:

• Syria, the country beautiful in past, is turn into ruins by the hands of the West proxi terrorists.

• Libya, the country beautiful in past and very socially comfortable, safe, is barbarously destroyed. The Libyan president was brutally, sadistically killed (as well as Saddam Hussein) by the West proxi terrorists.

• Julian Assange is in prison and almost ruined, for speaking the truth about warmongering politicians of the UK and USA.

• USA military complex keeps opening its bases all over the world. Russia is getting surrounded by NATO.

Please don’t be zombified by the West globalists’ mass media.

I apologize for possible mistakes and incorrect construction of the phrases in English. I expressed the point of many people who stand for peace, mutually respectful coexistence of cultures and countries, and for the future for mankind.