„Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.“ – Dolores Ibbaruri, a communist who fought with the bloody fascist regime of Franco (Spain).


Stop Kiev nazism, NATO aggression and the info-war of Western globalism

Russia took protection over Donbass & Luganks civilians that have been suffering for 8 years and still suffer genocide in hands of Kiev regime. In fact, from Kiev Junta suffer fmillions of civilians all over Ukraine who have not being brainwashed into “another ethnicity” and disagreed with fascist regime. The collective West launched a massive counterfeiting, fake-producing and misinformation war against Russia. The amount of falcifications in the West official media, internet and on TV is unparalleled since Goebbels propaganda. Russia carries out the Operation of Denazification and Demilitarization of Kiev Regime on the territory of Ukraine, in fact a counter-terrorism operation. Russia does not wage a “war” on ukrainian civilians, this is lies, the opposite: feeds, treats, evacuates them. Ukronazi bandits shoot, rape, loot, torture, hold civilians as a shield. Russia does not want Ukraine’s territories, it GAVE ALL of them to Ukraine as well as the status of a “country” (big mistake). Learn more about Ukraine and NATO-states sponsoring nazism in their own interest to destroy Russia: Sense of Conscience.

ukraine is a nazi state

Western Ukraine in 1938-1945 – and the WHOLE Ukraine in 2014-2022

Ukraine war

Western Ukraine, the II WW times. Now Western nazism has “hacked” the whole Ukraine. The same kind of people now make Kiev Regime and a big part of Ukrainian population. They worship Hitler and Bandera- the holocaust criminal. Nazi Batallions oficially make the National Guard of Ukraine. Kiev Regime commits massacre on Donezk/Lugansk civilians, kills journalists, humiliates Russian-speaking native population all over Ukraine, burns people alive, propagates cult of sadism. The victims are those who don’t consider themselves “ukrainian ethnicity” and don’t support the ideology of hatred. This is why Kiev regime should be neutralized.

Russia is fighting the purest satanism as a state order of Ukraine, fully supported by the Western globalist-fascist governments. USA/EU kept bio laboratories in Ukraine developing terrible deseases. German “scientists” have been spreading from the air a type of tuberculosis on Donbass region. USA have been experimenting on mentally ill patients in Ukrainian hospital. NATO executers in Ukraine, having a huge amount of weapon, have been planning attack on Russia only a few days later than Russian operation began. Terrible evidences are being found in the military dots of Ukro-nazi: people burnt, headless, bodies’ of raped women with swasticas cut on their bodies, bunkers for tortures. Here is a video from Ukrainian TV, the blood-thirsty propaganda of hatred ISIS-style: Ukronazi propaganda of hate on Ukrainian TV

Here is Ukraine’s citizen naming the crimes of the bloody mill of Ukronazi: (with German subtitles) : https://rutube.ru/video/4d6083d300edf67978cae392d163f116/?ysclid=l1z8bbhxbf

View the curent news on the website of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

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Welcome to VictoriaSenses, a bilingual resource: the top half of the text on each page is in English, the bottom half is in Russian, some publications are only in English, and some are in Russian. *All the texts in Russian, including the tasting reviews, have a strong literature base and are artistic, the texts in English are written in a more basic style because it’s not my native language.

I am glad to meet here lovers of cigar smoke, good food, wonderful products of La Buena Vida for both mind and senses. My site is aimed at an international audience, this is why it’s in English, the common language for international communication. However, because my mother tongue is Russian and my command of it is better, and I do love writing and good language, many of the publications are in my native language. And my literature essays and stories are of course in Russian. Although this site is devoted mainly to cigars and gastronomy, as an author I write on many themes: sociology, arts, culture, culturology. Really anything that happens around a human being and within the human soul. Victoria Radugina, an author of this project.

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Добро пожаловать на информационный и сигарно-гастрономический ресурс VictoriaSenses, автором которого я являюсь. Я люблю художественное слово, поэтому даже мои технологичные сигарные дегустации и фактологические репортажи написаны в относительно художественном стиле. Сигары премиум-класса — это неотъемлемая часть гастрономической культуры. Сигарно-гастрономические публикации VictoriaSenses — прежде всего, дань уважения, восхищения теми продуктами, что своим высоким качеством вызывают желание любоваться и получать удовольствие. Сделанные вручную, с любовью, они высоко ценятся людьми со вкусом. А в целом — это нота благодарности жизни за возможность чувствовать, вкушать, ощущать ароматы, радоваться явлениям и природным дарам. Дегустации, ревю, статьи о сигарах и гастрономии VictoriaSenses — знания о вкусе, гастрономические изыскания, независимая критика. На сайте вы найдете и информационные сведения, в области сигар и не только. А также некоторые литературные эссе и рассказы.

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