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During the period of my living in Germany, I got introduced to the best cheeses I have ever eaten. They appealed completely to my taste, and although I was accustomed to high-class cheeses before and always enjoyed different kinds of cheese, the Austrian cheeses made from Alpine milk have confirmed to be my best choice. Discovering them was a milestone in my well-established cheese hierarchy, and now I need to enjoy this taste now and again.


is an association of a several dairy farms. All the farms in this association base their production on the cultural traditions of Austria and produce milk and dairy products in accordance with strict regulations, which differ in many respects from dairy farms in other countries.

Alpine cows eat a lot of wild mountin herbs, which affects the taste of milk, especially the one produced in the warmer seasons. This is why the taste of the cheeses coming from different farms and different pastures can vary, and offer more taste revelations than “ordinary” cheese made in regular farms. Berglandmilch as well as other high-quality Austrian farms and dairy production firms do not use silage for feeding the cows.

The Berglandmilch’s production is 100% GMO-free. No genetically modified organisms are used in the entire production by Berglandmilch. Also the products are glyphosate free. The Berglandmilch milk suppliers refrain from using the controversial pesticide glyphosate on all of their forage areas.

The Berglandmilch mountain dairy cows do not eat any feed from overseas. They rely on feed from their own meadows and fields and, if necessary, buy feed regionally. The association use no palm oil in the feed. At Berglandmilch, animals are fed naturally. This includes the guarantee that the calves of the Berglandmilch cows are fed exclusively with real milk.

Also, Berglandmilh practice responsible use of antibiotics, they belive that active ingredients must be used carefully. For this purpose, they have guidelines on the responsible use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine.

All the described factors, please the unique methods of feeding the cows with the certain Alpine herbs, make their production – the best Austrian cheeses – delicious. I particularly like the produce of one of the association’s companies –

Tirol Milch.

All Tirol Milch products are made from 100% milk from the best Tyrolean mountain farms (regularly controlled by SGS Austria Controll-Co. Ges.m.b.H.). Cows that graze in the high alpine meadows produce less milk – although this is healthier and richer in nutrients. The oxygen content of air at high altitude is lower, which makes the cows short of breath and they expend more energy. Consequently, these animals produce less milk, but the quality is higher. It contains more protein and, above all, significantly higher levels of healthy unsaturated fats, such as Omega-3 and linoleic acid. Both of these substances reputedly prevent heart disease. The healthy fatty acids can then be found in both the milk and the dairy products, such as cheese made from alpine milk, yogurt, buttermilk.


Now I will list my favourite Tirol cheeses made by this brand:

Alpzirler. This Tyrolean hard cheese is made from the best Tyrol’s mountain farmer’s milk. It’s aged for at least 6 months. This gives Alpzirler its tangy, strong, characterful taste. 

Urtyroler. Tirol Milch Urtyroler is made from the finest Tyrolean alpine farm milk. This premium mountain cheese speciality is matured for at least 12 months. This gives it an incomparably strong & piquant, savoury flavour.

Tiroler Adler. This mountain cheese from Austria is left to mature for 9 months, which gives it a strong and piquant flavour. Tiroler Adler is treated with fine red cultures.

austria cheese urtyroler

Urtyroler by Tirol Milch







Apart from introducing you to the well-known all over Austria and Germany firms/farms, I would also like to mention one small family-owned Austrian mountin cheese production or käserei which really holds the art of making to-quality cheese in their “hands”. It is

Bergkäserei Zillertal

This dairy farm started processing milk to cheese in the 1920-s. In these eight decades their silage-free cheeses have evolved to prize choice delicacies.

The foundation for the production of the cheeses of this company is farmers from the Heumilch (silage-free milk) regions: Ziller Valley, Inn Valley and Weerberg. They use only finest, freshest green fodder and carefully harvested hay from the mountain pastures and valley meadows of these agriculturally shaped regions. Their number one basic commodity is Heumilch (hey milk) from silage-free feeding.

Their also farm themselves in one of these regions. Roughly numbered 60 dairy cows are fed solely on feed from organic cultivation, certified by the Biokontrollstelle Tirol (Tyrolean Board of Control for Organic Agronomy). These dairy cows deliver approx. 350.000 kg finest milk, which they use for their cheese production. This small family industry was started in 1981 by Hans Hirschhuber and his son Alois.

This family farm produces BIO (organic) milk, butter, cheese. It situates on the address: 6262 Schlitters, HNr. 58, Tirol, Austria, but all you need in order to enjoy this cheese from Austria and other of their production is to find in stores the foods stamped with:

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