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During the period of my living in Germany, I got introduced to the best cheeses I have ever eaten. They appealed completely to my taste, and although I was accustomed to high-class cheeses before and always enjoyed different kinds of cheese, the Austrian cheeses made from Alpine milk have confirmed to be my best choice. Discovering them was a milestone in my well-established cheese hierarchy, and now I need to enjoy this taste now and again.

At first I was going to write about the most well-known cheeses from Austria, but then I changed my mind. The attitude of the huge producers, as we can often see in many areas, is that they don’t care much for keeping their costumer. This is why I left the idea to write about the big brands. And – most importantly is, the QUALITY of the produce of the smaller companies is far higher and finer than that of the large industry brands. Down below I write about one of the smaller cheese-making companies that deserve the attention of selective customers. The small family-owned Austrian mountain cheese production or käserei which really holds the art of making to-quality cheese in their “hands” is called:

Bergkäserei Zillertal

Austrian cheeses

Best cheeses from Austria

This dairy farm started processing milk to cheese in the 1920-s. In these eight decades their silage-free cheeses have evolved to prize choice delicacies.


Austrian Cheese - Cheeses from Austria


The foundation for the production of the cheeses of this company is farmers from the Heumilch (silage-free milk) regions: Ziller Valley, Inn Valley and Weerberg. They use only finest, freshest green fodder and carefully harvested hay from the mountain pastures and valley meadows of these agriculturally shaped regions. Their number one basic commodity is Heumilch (hey milk) from silage-free feeding.

Austrian cheese Bergkäse Zillertal

Bergkäse Zillertal

They also farm themselves in one of these regions. Roughly numbered 60 dairy cows are fed solely on feed from organic cultivation, certified by the Biokontrollstelle Tirol (Tyrolean Board of Control for Organic Agronomy). These dairy cows deliver approx. 350.000 kg finest milk, which they use for their cheese production. This small family industry was started in 1981 by Hans Hirschhuber and his son Alois.

Unsurpassed cheeses from Austria <span class="dnln_flag_en"></span>

The dinasty of cheese makers: Zillertal family company

This family farm produces BIO (organic) milk, butter, cheese.

All you need in order to enjoy this cheese from Austria and other of their production is to find in stores the foods stamped with

Unsurpassed cheeses from Austria <span class="dnln_flag_en"></span>

Unsurpassed cheeses from Austria <span class="dnln_flag_en"></span>


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