„Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.“ – Dolores Ibbaruri, a communist, antifascist, who fought with the bloody fascist regime of Franco (Spain).

On May the 8-9th – the Day of the Great Victory over Fascist Gemany, when USSR by the price of 27 MILLIONS of lives defeated the global Fascism, – Berlin authorities allowed display of the ukrainian flags. That was a flag of Hitler’s collaborators on the “grey” territory of West-ukraine, who burnt and tortured civilians to death. Ukrainian flag is still a flag of a Nazi state: the state newly made-up 30 years ago, based on the revived spirit of Nazism, which openly glorifies Hitler and other Nazi criminals, terrorizes disagreeing civilians, like did their idols. Berlin banned Russian flags and flags of the Sovit Union that defeated the global Fascism and saved from inevitable extinction many nationalities. Berlin politicians even banned the ribbons of Saint George – the symbol of the Victory. So on the sacred Day there fly over Berlin the flags of Hitler-collaborators… No comments. Here is the article about Berlin banning the flags of Victory over Hitlerism, in the WSWS site a year ago: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2022/05/08/mlix-m08.html  This year Berlin turned brown even deeper…


The source of truth in “collective West” states, in english, – RT.COM – is banned in the pro-Washington states. It can be found here: https://swentr.site/  Live stream: https://odysee.com/@RT:fd/livestream_RT:d – Learn the truth about atrocities of Ukronazi in the II WW and NOW, about the blood-thirsty, greedy political “elites”, EU/UK/USA supporting the criminal Ukronazi Kiev regime and sadists-successors of Hitler’s ideas amongst the population of the formation called “Ukraine”.

Russia took protection over Donbass & Lugansk civilians that have been suffering 10-years genocide in hands of Kiev regime. Kiev shells kindergartens, schools, markets, hospitals in the anti-fascist regions. (see the Alley of Angels, about the graves of children killed by Kiev regime – the number is far bigger now). In fact, from Kiev illegiimate fascist junta suffer millions of civilians all over Ukraine, who have not got brainwashed into a “special” ethnicity “über alles” (Hitler’s style), and disagreed to accept the regime that came to power illegitimately in 2014. The foundation for them taking power has been created during 30 years, since the USSR was dissolved, with financing from Washington, UK and EU politicians. Then the nazi started making their way to power and brain-washing of the population in the formation called “Ukraine”.

Media and internet are in hands of globalists now. It’s hard to find the truth in the completely un-democratic EU and Britain. All Russian and other sources of information that differs from the fakery mainline of Western dictatorship, are BLOCKED in the “collective West”. Youtube removes, downgrades videos from Donetsk, Lugansk and other anti-fascist regions of the formation called Ukraine, where civiliains daily suffer under Kiev’s shellings on civilian objects. “Freedom of expression”! Indeed, fascism, nazism, collonialism, racism ARE Western things, if we look in history. There’s going Luciferian attack on Russia and its moral and spitirual vaues, its traditions of anti-fascism and equality. The vassals of evil were standing applauding on the Cannes Festival to the criminal Zelenskiy, the same as they clapped to Hitler. 

Kiev victims: Madonna of Gorlovka, Kiev Nazism, Nazi of Kyiv, Kyiv Nazism, genocide in Ukaine.

“Madonna of Gorlovka” – 2014, Victims of Kiev Regime

The pro-Washington states during the 30 years have been conducting the evil agenda to dehumanize Russia, its people and its leader, in order to one day strangle Russia, which would be then completely surrounded by NATO. To steal the natural resources (like they are doing in Syria), swallow the territory and culturally mold the people into the blinded, limited-minded herd led by the plutocrats-globalists; obsessed by consumption, “genders”, and victimizing own children to “lgbt+” doctrine. President Putin did not allow that scenario, and the nation supported the Anti-terror Operation against the fascist Kiev regime and its Masters – Western “elites”. In reality, this is a fight of values, a fight of good and evil. Take the right side.

The “collective West”  launched a massive war of counterfeit against Russia. The amount of falcifications in West official media, internet, on TV is unparalleled since the Goebbels propaganda time. The Operation of Denazification and Demilitarization of Kiev Regime is a counter-terrorism operation to stop genocide committed on the anti-fascist, pro-Russia regions of the formation called “Ukraine”. During the last 30 years the history books have been re-written there, even books for small children are full of aggression to Russia. However, the years 0f erasing the historical memory financed by Washingon, have not change the believes of brave people in the anti-fascist regions, and in other regions as well, although those have to live in danger, in the mass-schizophrenic realm of nazism glorification. 

Really speaking, the territory of the fake “country” belongs to Russia, but Russia does not even demands it back, but won’t allow there an existence of the fascist formation, terrorizing honest people and humiliating the memory of their Soviet Grandfathers and Grandmothers, who fought there the bloody 4 years with German Fascism in 1941-1945.

Ukrainian Army uses civil objects as a shield. Only this fact by itself is a was crime, but EU/USA public does not react, even though show it in their mass media. The Operation of Denazification is not only to neutralize pro-Hitler regime, but to stand against the warmongering NATO, Western war-complex woven with corrupt politicians. NATO instructors in Ukraine since years have been teaching how to kill, their “foundations” have been reforming the population of Ukraine into “ethnicity” which must hate Russia (but the ethnicity of ukrainian population is RUSSIAN!). NATO keeps providing weapon to the terrorists, destroying any possibility for a peaceful agreement. NO, Russia does not fight ukrainian civilians, the opposite: feeds, treats, evacuates them. Gives passports to those who want. Ukronazi shoot into the backs those who try to leave for Russia.

Kiev DAILY shell civilian objects in the disagreeing regions and bordering Russia’s towns, with weapon from Germany, France, the UK, USA. Ukrainian militants shoot, rape, loot, torture civilians. Kiev criminal politicians have killed even their own peace negotiator! NO, Russia does not “want Ukraine’s lands”, it GAVE THEM ALL to Ukraine as well as the status of a “country” 30 years ago (big mistake). Learn more about NATO-states sponsoring nazism/fascism: Sense of Conscience.

ukraine is a nazi state

Parts of Western Ukraine in 1938-1945, collaborating with Hitler, – and the WHOLE Ukraine in 2014-2024. Nazism has spread its metastases all over the formation called “Ukraine”.

Ukraine war


The same kind of people make Kiev junta and a big part of ukrainian population NOW. They worship Hitler and Bandera – holocaust murderer who killed and tortured to death many Jews, Russians, Polish and other ethnicities. Nazi Batallions oficially make the National Guard of Ukraine. Kiev Regime commits massacre on civilians, kills journalists, threatens Russian-speaking native population (the MAJORITY of the made-up “country”), burns people alive. As real nazi they propagate cult of sadism. Those considered “not enough ukrainian” and who don’t support the ideology of hatred, get punished. This happens on the territories, poored with the blood of Soviet people in the II WW (for the former USSR citizens it’s called “The Great Patriotic War”). The same Nazi killed then 27 MILLION people of the USSR. This is why Kiev regime should be neutralized.

Up to more than 50 Pentagon-controlled biolaboratories have been functioning in close proximity to Russia’s borders. A total of 336 biolaboratories in 30 countries worldwide are under the control of the US military department. The activities of these laboratories have been accompanied by a worsening epidemic situation for high-risk infections, and the emergence of atypical infectious diseases. Since 2010, brucellosis, Crimean-Congo fever, West Nile fever, African swine fever and uncharacteristic expansion of vector ranges have been reported in the territories bordering Ukraine.

Russia is fighting pure satanism as a state order of Ukraine led by the Western globalist-fascist government. German “scientists” have spread from air a type of tuberculosis on Donbass region. USA have been experimenting on mentally ill patients in ukrainian hospitals. NATO stored a huge amount of weapon there, planning an attack on Russia. Terrible evidences are being found in Ukro-nazi dots: people burnt, headless, bodies’ of raped women with swasticas cut on them, bunkers for tortures. Here is a video from Ukrainian TV – blood-thirsty propaganda of hatred ISIS-style (western censors keep erasing it everywhere, I hope it’s still viewable here: Ukronazi propaganda of hate ISIS style on Ukrainian TV

VIDEO of ALINA LIPP, the brave German journalist who has spent long time in Donbass region: Witness report from Donetsk  – Alina is prosecuted and threatened by Germany for videos about civilians in the anti-fascist areas suffering from Kiev regime of Zelenskiy and formerly Poroshenko. Her mother, who is not even a blogger, is being punished, too.


A mine called “Petal”. Such mines Kiev Regime speads in the living areas of Donetsk. People there lose parts of their bodies or die. Kiev uses these banned mines on civlians, especially children who can mistake them for toys. USA, UK, EU sponsor ukrainian terrorism and Ukraine’s Fascist Army.

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