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Cigar Reviews, Tasting Cigars, Cuban cigars.I am Victoria Radugina, a writer, a cigar publicist and promoter, taster, critic of cigars, gastronomy and culinary. My site is aimed to the international public so it’s mainly in English which is an easy language for international communication. However, because my mother tongue is Russian, and I do love to write and love good language, many of my tastings will be in Russian, and surely my stories and essays are in Russian also.

I am glad to meet in my site both beginners and seasoned lovers of cigar smoke, good food and wonderful products of La Buena Vida – for both mind and senses. My learning of cigars has been going on for about forteen years now, during which I have met (and learned from) the most knowledgeable masters and distinguished connoisseurs all over the world. In parallel I have been writing, probably my most favorite genre is essay and short story, although I write articles as well, on the themes of cigars, gastronomy, travel, culturology. Since years I have been developing my knowledge of gastronomy and cooking, as well as my tasting abilities. I am a connoisseur who took part in various tastings. Dictionaries explain: “connoisseur is a person competent to pass critical judgement in an art or matter of taste, a discerning judge of the best”. I don’t feel myself like a judge of the things that I love by my heart and taste receptors, and respect the people who’s creating abilities and labour made those products outstanding, but I will definitely share my knowledge and appreciation. My naturally subtle perception of taste and smell enables me to derive wonderful emotions from the great things of quality, never taking them for granted.

Taste is my icon. The taste of a fine cigar, a sophisticated Haute cuisine dish, or a rustic hearty dinner in an Italian village. The taste of a journey, the aromas of woodlands, Mediterranean landscapes, tropics and seas. The aftertastes and warm memories of meetings with special people. Journeys to various places, where I have not been before, or have been, and they became the gems in my collection of great emotions. I try to live what I love and appreciate possibilities to savor the special things. Having under my belt a base of cultural academic education and experience in artistic occupations such as music, visual arts and literature, I often combine and compare the pleasure products in my mind, while tasting, with art, music, history, culture, and other things that make a human’s life so much more exciting and substantial than just consuming. Every product, even the finest by itself, reveals its pith better and has a deeper effect on you when you can see a bit more to it than just an expensive and stunningly packed treat. It shares its soul with you and gives you the warmth of the hands of the people who grew and cultivated it, and you give it back your love and appreciation. Join me in this precious exchange! I write in-depth cigar reviews and gastronomy notes in English and Russian, and share experiences of products and places, hints on cooking, savouring, combining tastes. I write mostly about those cigars which I choose to be worthy of appreciation, analyzing, memorizing, and enjoying again! So, this website is not planned to be a catalogue, and not a list of new releases, but a guide for a Gourmet. 

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PARTAGAS Culebras (in English)

Partagás Culebras Partagas Culebras These cigars with their exotic shape are the pre-revolutionary kind, which have been made in Havana since the early age of Cuban cigars. The origin of the twisted shape [...]

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My site is not a political site and was not meant to talk about politics, but in these unfair times when

civil people, including children, die daily in Donbass & Lugansk republics (S-E Ukraine) under Kiev shellings

when Crimean people who made their choice to reunite with Russia and break ties with the modern nazi-orientated Ukraine, are being attacked and Russia is being unfairly sanctioned and threatened with war, getting surrounded by NATO

when Syrians had to leave their homes, and their country, beautiful in past, is turn into ruins

when Libya is barbarously destroyed

when Julian Assange after being unfairly kept years right in the center of London, is now in prison, for the truth he spoke about the warmongering politicians of the USA and UK

when USA military complex keeps opening its bases all over Europe-

I can’t be quiet, like many other honest people all over the world. Please don’t be zombified by West mass media, don’t be quiet, speak the truth everywhere you can.

The Open Letter of the former Lieutenant Colonel of the NATO Air Force, Jochen Scholz, to President Putin (translate in google if you can’t read German):

more by Jochen Scholz about position of Germany as vassal of USA:



Film of Mark Bartalmai about genocide in Ukraine committed by Kiev with support of Washington, London and some EU governments.