Alejandro Robaina – the legend of the cigar world

This was the last time I saw the real master of Cuban cigars Don Alejandro Robaina, in 2008, in Havana.

Don Alejandro Robaina died 2 years after that. He lived a life full of hard labour and love for cigars. His hands, the hands of a true veguero (cigar farmer), could blindly feel the tobacco leaf, its condition, the condition of the soil. They could feel and understand every little detail that is required to be taken care of when growing and cultivating the precious tobaccos, for making the precious cigars.

He has gone – the father of cigars, the creator of the very essense of the best cigars in the world. It’s just not the same anymore. We miss you, Don Alejandro…

Alejandro Robaina, master of cuban cigars. Cuba, Alejandro Robaina: Cigar Chronicles Victoria Radugina. Алехандро Робайна

Alejandro Robaina, 2008 Cuba, Havana, Dinner Epicure

I never forget the feel of those cigars in an exclusive, velvety wrapper which he generously gave us to smoke right there, and a lot to take back home, when we, the crowd of young cigar lovers, newbies-aficionados from Moscow, appeared at his hut among tobacco fields. This was about 2006.

Alejandro Robaina. Алехандро Робайна, сигарные хроники, Виктория Радугина.

Alejandro Robaina and Moscow cigar aficionados, Cuba

Никогда не забуду дня, когда мы – молодые и зеленые афисионадо из Москвы, ввалились в деревенский дом легенды сигарного производства и культивирования сигарного табака Алехандро Робайна. Как он радовался нашему непосредственному, искреннему интересу и любознательности, отвечал на наши вопросы. Как щедро выдавал нам на покур сигары в эксклюзивном, бархатисто-нежном покровнике, сделанные только “для своих” и для семьи. Сравнить их просто невозможно ни с чем. Это был примерно год 2006.

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