Punch 48 – review, 2021

Punch Punch 48, these cigars of the old, even ancient Cuban marka Punch, are another Habanos Specialist release (Especialista en Habanos Exclusivo) – they are made for being sold in the stores that have the “Habanos Specialist” title. The history of the marka/brand Punch is going back to the year 1840. This vitola is a release of 2016.

Cigar Reviews: Punch Punch 48 review, Habanos specialist cigars. Дегустация сигар Punch Punch 48

Cuban Cigars Punch Punch 48

Size: 48 X 140


  • Capa: Cuba
  • Capote: Cuba
  • Tripa: Cuba
  • Origin: Cuba

Visual & Wrapper

The capa’s colour is warm-brown colorado, it is thin and fine. The capa has a pleasant healthy shine. All the cigars in the varnished box (of 10) look good and evenly-coloured.

Smoke with Victoria Radugina: Punch 48 Cuban cigars Review. Дегустация сигары Punch 48 Виктория Радугина, сигарный дегустатор

Punch Punch 48 tasting review

Cold nose

On the cold nose the cigar has an incredibly bright, fresh and strong aroma! It’s pretty rare for decently-aged tobaccos. I can highlight these flavours: pollen, strong and luxurious aroma of aged tobacco leaves, sweet dried prunes, dried summer soil in a field.

After cutting the cap off, the smell gets even more pronounced, and the classic flavour of dried manure adds to the palette. The cigar “shouts out” its happy summery aromas, they may not be too sophisticated, but the bouquet is happy and inviting.

Cigars Punch 48 cigar review, Habanos Specialist cigars, cigar critic Victoria Radugina

Punch Punch 48

In smoking

The start is crazily pleasant. I can first highlight the general flavour of good tobacco smoke, and from the second puff I can taste and smell: honey, pollen, wet tobacco. The smoke is warm and comfortable. Very decent. The aroma of wet tobacco remains throughout the duration of the cigar.
The smoke remains comfortable. In the palette there is mainly a good balance of honey, wet tobacco and aroma of smoke. The cigar remains pretty sweet.
Then, as soon as I thought about, in my opinion, excessive sweetness, it gives way to just a very well balanced, smoky, warm and rich taste palette, nicely ennobling the sweetness and adding tones of noble rot. Classic. Don’t hurry this cigar, don’t spoil its tasteful elegant smoke coming out into your mouth.
More of the noble rot, with an addition of pine needles, rotten autumn leaves… Charming and relaxed.
The cigar burns steadily and friendly, allowing you to just relax and not to make efforts keeping the steady pace while smoking…


Cigars Punch Punch 48 are perfectly rolled. They are well-balanced, elegant, and have a medium fortaleza. These are the things you need for spending a good time, for instance, in your library with a good book. The cigar shows neither a selfish character that would take all your attention, nor whims with uneven burning, this would allow you to concentrate on what you are doing whilst enjoying this great smoke.

Punch 48 cuban cigars, cigar tasting by Victoria Radugina, taster of cigars and gastronomy.

Cigar Review Punch Punch 48  •  Сигары Punch Punch 48 Дегустация

Rating: 93

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