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This beautiful cigar Trinidad Fundadores is definitely one of my most favorite cigars ever. Some years are better, some years a little worse, but it’s always for me a synonym of a celebration, a feast. “Fundador” has a pretty interesting history as well. It was first launched as a cigar “not for everybody”, and was kept in a secret for a number of years until it became available to the smokers worldwide. “Fundador” is just like its name: glorious, fundamental, stately and elegant cigar, boasting its uber-luxurious velvety flavour.
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Trinidad Fundadores Cigar Review. Дегустация Trinidad Fundadores - Виктория Радугина.

Cigars Trinidad Fundadores


Capa: Cuba
Capote: Cuba
Tripa: Cuba
Origina: Cuba


For my tasting review I have a few vitolas Trinidad Fundadores from a box dated 2011, in order to finally proudly introduce this cigar to selective smokers. I should share the best, instead of keeping it only to myself. :)

Visual & Wrapper:

Nicely executed cigar, with its trademark pigtail, has a silky smooth wrapper of a warm light-honey classic claro. With the way it looks it almost prepares your receptors to its unique flavour profile: delicate honey, pollen and floral tones.

Cold nose:

Apple, fresh alder, dried fruits. The cold aroma is very delicate.

In smoking:

The cigar has a perfect draw. The beginning is fresh, lightly-woody, with tender aroma of alder logs. As usual, this cigar strikes you with its rare beauty of the flavour. The wonderful cold smoke gives you delicate but delicious notes of: white toasts, delicate flower honey, pollen, kid leather and warm milk. The aftertaste of every draw is nutty (Brazilian nut, pine nut). Fundadores are like high art, they are like a classic symphonic masterpiece. This cigar is fine, both visually and in organoleptic way. The beginning is soft, the fortaleza is not high.


cigar reviews trinidad fundadores, дегустация сигары тринидад

Cuban cigars Trinidad Fundadores


The noble wrapper enriches the bouquet of flavours with its own warm tones.

The 2nd and 3rd parts add to the floral and woody notes the delicate musty fermented tones. The floral ambrosia is poring into my mouth…
The white toasts remain the base of the flavour combination. Further on I can catch more pronounced notes of pollen, then some delicate hints of soil and pine needles. Everything is fine and pleasant.
The 3rd part tastes crumbles, you can almost taste crumbly biscuits in your mouth.


Trinidad “Fundadores” is one of the greatest cigars invariably of the last and the current century.

Rating: 99

Victoria Radugina ©  March 2015


cigar review Trinidad Fundadores, Trinidad Cuban cigars. Дегустация сигар Trinidad Fundadores

Trinidad Fundadores

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