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*Cigar rated under 85 (year 2014)

Perfect looks, silky fine wrapper (Ecuadorian Connecticut shade). Those are, probably, the main values of the cigar presented here.

Flor de Selva robustos are made in Honduras.

Now to the details. The draw is too light. The flavour bouquet of this cigar is pretty static, the main tastes on your palate throughout the cigar remain as slightly bitter-herbal and burnt dry hay. I’m catching a hint of walnut membrane on exhalation via nasal cavity. The best way to enjoy this cigar would be mainly retrohale smoking (let the smoke out via your nasal cavity), because although the cigar does give a pleasant tingly sensation to your palate, the bouquet is not intense enough. So the most intensive way of smoking can help you to get the most out of it.

The 2rd and 3rd parts of Flor de Selva robusto just deepen the base of the musty sub-tones underneath the main monotone hay flavour. There is not much more about this vitola. Its pretty plain but not unpleasant. The marca Flor de Selva does have some really good vitolas in its portfolio. I was charmed by the Cumpay line made from tobaccos coming from the volcanic highlands of Nicaragua’s Jalapa valley.

But concerning this cigar the profile is too mild for a selective smoker. This cigar would be good for the very beginners – virgin palates who never smoked, because it’s light, but I still would not recommend to “hang” on this type of cigars for long, I always advise to begin from Cuban cigars. Also I could recommend these cigars for a coffee pause, maybe with a piece of a sweet cake, in the middle of a working day, or not-easy day. That short time when all you need is a little break and a bit of a warm smoke without complications and intense taste dynamics.

So in my rating of the year 2014 the cigar Flor de Selva robusto gets

Rating: 81 

Victoria Radugina © 2014


cigars Flor de Selva Robusto tasting rating

Flor de Selva Robusto


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