Cigars HOYO DE MONTERREY Churchill review, 2014

This pre-revolution Cuban cigar of the classic Cuban format Julieta N2 is not produced anymore since 2012. My exemplars of cigars Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill are of the year 2009. This vitola was and is one of those cigars that are particularly loved by connoisseurs of fine smoke all over the world, and it can be found in collections of the true cuba-lovers.

Size: 47 X 178

Cigar review Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill - Cigar reviews by Victoria Radugina

Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill Review



  • Capa: Cuba
  • Capote: Cuba
  • Tripa: Cuba
  • Origin: Cuba

Visual & Wrapper

The last exemplars I have for my tasting are not looking great anymore, but sometimes you have no choice but to get cigars from the vendors who are either not very careful, or made mistakes storing this already rare cigar. But this is all I have. My shabby cigars don’t put me off at all, the other way around – I am full of curiosity how they have kept their gorgeous content in spite of the visual faults. Many of the advanced smokers of Cuban cigars say: “It’s pretty hard to spoil “cuba”. This means, it’s almost impossible to ruin a special taste of a Cuban cigar with bad storing or other careless attitude, because in a good Cuban cigar which even survived years of incorrect treatment you will always find something left from the inimitable Cuban tobacco flavour). Well, let’s see…

Cold nose

The aroma is very discreet. I catch the notes of barnyard, dry manure and hay.

Hoyo De Monterrey Churchill cigar review, cuban cigas. Дегустация

Cigar Review Hoyo de Monterrey

In smoking

Immediate ambrosia! The cigar tastes mellow and softened with the age. The draw is slightly, just slightly taut, like I love in my “cuba”. The ambrosia is never-ending. The flavours can be detected under the luxurious misty “veil” (which is the top-tone of the good aged cuban cigars) :

Musty leaves, light runny honey, wood (alder chips, fresh wood planks), autumn moss.

The 2nd part

gives more of the tenderly sweet flavours of musty leaves, musty moss and dried field herbs. But this bouquet is so concentrated that you have a slight sensation of cooling, almost as intense as peppermint (but it’s not), covering your palate.

The fortaleza (strength) is medium-to-light.

The wooden tones are so tender and pleasant. Closer to the 3rd part it adds a light tone of anise. The musty flavours get deeper. Oh, what a pleasure.

There is no aggression in this cigar. But the “bodiness” is high, and the intense and wonderful misty musty flavours are totally occupying your receptors. It’s a smoke of an angel, or an angelic smoke – I would invent this slightly contradictory term for describing this particular cigar (and why not? wine-makers use their term “angel’s share”).

The 3rd part

of the cigar adds to the previously developed tastes a piquant burnt dose of white-bread toasts. The final third celebrates the general musty and fermented tones of the cigar. There is no bitterness or harshness whatsoever. The tingly sensation is playing in your palate and nasal cavity, indulging them for the last minutes of the smoke…


Cigars Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill are really great cigars. This vitola is another one from the gems we are loosing.

Rating: 98

Victoria Radugina © July 2014

Pairing Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill with drinks

This cigar goes very pleasant by itself. But if I was to choose a pair for it, I would orientate to milder drinks, in order to carefully spare and not to spoil the fine musty harmony that it treats you with.


Cigar review Hoyo de Monterrey. Дегустация сигары Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill.


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