Cigars VILLIGER Tobajara Brasil Claro tasting & rating, 2015

Here is a cigar of the Tobajara line produced by the world-famous Villiger company: Villiger Tobajara Brasil Claro (with the mark selected tobaccos on the band). It is a pretty interesting and, probably, my favourite line of Villiger cigars, for today. These cigars are a unique Brazilian puro, made of fine and rare sorts of Brazilian tobaccos.


  • Capa: Brazil Villiger Tabajara cigars
  • Capote: Brazil
  • Tripa: Brazil
  • Origin: Brazil

Size: 50 X 127 

I am tasting today one of the 2 cigars of the Tobajara line – Brasil Claro (the light wrapper). The other vitola presented in this line is called Puro Brazilian Maduro. The blend is quite impressive.

Inside of these delicately wrapped beauties there is popular Mata Fina leaf, and also there is the hard-to-find Northern Bahia Mata Norte as the capote (or binder).

Visual & Wrapper

The capa is a beautiful, matt, smooth Brasil Claro of soft, slightly greenish tone. The wrapper is very delicate and thin, and feels easily breakable.


Cold nose

In the cold aroma bouquet of this cigar I can distinguish the tones of quality tobacco, pressed flower pollen and a slightly bitter wormwood.


In smoking

It starts from the first puff as an incredibly pleasant, delicious and appetizing composition. But at the same time it is nicely rustic, herbal.
Great construction. The draw is rather a little light, and the smoker should measure every puff, for the sake of keeping the harmony and not overheating the cigar.
Nicely buttery subtone. The floral harmony is prevailing.
Further on, at some point of the 1st third, the flavours merge into a delightful combination of velvety, warm, summery tones. It goes on until the middle of the 2nd third, bringing such a pleasure to the smoker!
The fotaleza remains light, not heavy at all.

The 2nd third of the Villiger Tobajara Brasil Claro

brings deep, slightly bitter floral tones, and additionally tones of some exotic herbs, and slightly woody ones. Plenty of aromatic smoke.

The 3rd part

fortifies the herbal bitterness. Some people may like it, some not, and if you leave it in the ashtray it won’t be a mistake, by that time you’ve had a pretty good period of pleasant time with your cigar. Alternatively, you can improve the further smoking with some sweet rum-based cocktail.


Cigars VILLIGER Tobajara Brasil Claro are pretty personable and charming cigars. They offer plenty of aromatic smoke. Their taste profile is both rustic, natural – and yet pretty fine. These vitolas are a perfect accompaniment to a warm Summer evening. For this reason they get from me the title of the Cigars of the Summer 2015.
And they certainly deserve a good rating.

Rating: 92

Villiger Tobajara Brasil Claro tasting, rating. Рейтинг сигар Villiger Tobajara

Cigars Villiger Tobajara Brasil Claro – tasting review by Victoria Radugina

Victoria Radugina © July 2015