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This little lounge in Dresden in the hotel Bülow Palais was my recent nice discovery. And I definitelly add it to my good cigar places list. I don’t often add a new place to my list, especially at this period of time, when the pandemic has made the life for the already disadvantaged cigar smokers even more difficult. Even though nowadays an intimidated cigar smoker is happy about any little “corner” with a minimum of comfort needed for smoking premium-class cigar, I keep being uncompromising on this. I add to my list only places where they love cigars and where they love people who love cigars.

smoking cigars in dresden

It is situated next door to the 1-Michelin Star 2020 Restaurant Caroussel, and right behind the pleasant and stylish zone of the Bistro. The ability to eat, drink and relax with a cigar, all in the same spot on the radius of about 300 square meters, will make your trip more enjoyable and worthwhile.

The Cigar Menu is not very large, the opposite – rather too small. But if you forgot to bring your cigar, you can find here several titles from the enduring Cuban classic, as well as something from non-Cuba (Davidoff, for instance).

I had a pretty modest set this time: very small but nice and classic Montecristo Joyita, with a large Latte Macchiato. I really did not expect to find this elegant, cozy and comfortable, well-ventilated lounge.

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Bülow Palais Dresden cigar Lounge

Cigar lounge in Dresden

The tiny but proper hand-made cigars Montecristo Joyitas are from the oldie-goodies – 1969 was the year of the release of these little Cuban sticks with the Montecristo character.

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