Classic traditional Berlin Café – review

*update: now Café Leysieffer is a history. All that’s left after it is a few chocolate shops with the same name.

The new Autumn-Winter season is best met at the classic Berlin Café Leysieffer – or Kaffeehaus “Leysieffer” in German language. It is right in the central point of the city, on Friedrichstraße. It is warm and cozy, designed in red and black, always indulging in the quality of their cakes and traditionally good service. The cakes deserve a special praise. Made from natural products, they are full of taste, they are not overpriced, and simply delightful. You can even buy there a full cake of a medium size for your home.

Berlin Cafe - Gastronomy Review by Victoria Radugina

This material was written in 2015. Things changed since then, unfortunately. And even Friedrichstraße itself, which has seen so much history, times and happennings, has changed its face. It has become pedestrian, but most importantly – it has lost its spirit, it looks now minimalistic and “plastic”.

The first got closed down the best one from this café family – “Leysieffer” Berlin Stadtmitte, Friedrichstraße. Then the one in KaDaWe was closed down, pretty soon after. Further on we got more of the sad news about that more and more places called Leysieffer were closing down… Finally, all the cafes of the good old Leysieffer got closed down. They were, especially the one on Friedrichstraße, my most favourite places in Berlin.

Recently, in November 2020 we said goodbye to the aiport Tegel, where used to be another Café Leysieffer. So as a part of Tegel it also got closed down. What a shame. Are we losing Berlin the way it used to be? – cozy, sweet-bourgeois and warm…

Victoria Radugina © September 2017