Cigars VEGUEROS Especiales N1 review

Cigars Vegueros Especiales N1, Cuba, are a “hello” from the past. This vitola from the Vegueros line devoted to the cigar farmers has not been produced since 2010, and it’s now pretty hard to find any leftovers in the European shops.

Cigar Review Vegueros Especiales N1. Дегустация сигар Vegueros Especiales N1

Cigar Vegueros Especiales N1

Capa: Cuba
Capote: Cuba
Tripa: Cuba
Origin: Cuba

38 X 192 

cigar review vegueros especiales n1. Дегустация Vegueros, сигара Vegueros Especiales

Vegueros Especiales N1 – cigar review

Visual & Wrapper: Moderately oily, smooth and tasty-looking wrapper. Nicely executed “pigtail”.

Cold nose:

The aroma of this cigar is not powerful, but what a great aroma! Grounded black pepper, bay leaf, some curry, a bit of sweet wood.

In smoking:

The beginning is reassuring. It immediately gives luxurious sweetly-musky flavour. For a minute it appears tasting just the same honey as taste the cigars of the luxury Trinidad marka, but this note disappears without a trace very soon, before you even get a temptation to compare it with Trinidad Fundadores.

Then there appears the tone of brewed old “varenye” (Russian runny jam made of fruits and/or berries but not gelled, rather like a very thick syrup with pieces of the carefully slowly boiled berries and fruits). Old wood. Pine needles and almost undetectable tone of mint.

The 2nd third of the cigar goes rather disappointing. The bouquet suddenly starts tasting more colorless.

In the 3rd part the bitter notes, which started slowly in the 2nd part, almost overlap the other flavours which became now hardly pronounced.

cigar reviewб дегустация сигар вегерос Vegueros

Vegueros Especiales Cigars


I am obviously a bit late to enjoy this cigar. It has lost what were already modest and subtle flavours to begin with. I don’t know the year of producing of my last samplers, but I can clearly see that this cigar was not made for lying too long in humidors. It is obvious – we should say “good bye” to the previously satisfying even though uncomplicated cigar, Vegueros Especiales N1, without regret, and start looking forward to enjoying the new creatures of this pretty original marka. By the way, the last editions which were presented at the Habanos Festival in 2013 are pretty exciting, as showed by my immediate tasting right upon coming back from Cuba. However, with my respect to the vitola which it used to be, and for the fading shadows of the loved Cuban notes in it I give it

Rating: 85 

Victoria Radugina © July 2014



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