This cozy bar in Berlin

which you can find in the Intercontinental hotel Berlin is a friendly place which combines classiness and simplicity in the good meaning of it. If you pop in there in the middle of a cold Berlin winter day, like I do sometimes, you can get warmed up with a hot apple punch or a pot of tea, always served charmingly and with friendly care…

Have a look how nicely they arrange your little treats. What a perfect spot when all you crave for is warmth, care, and a little bit of elegance.

Merlene Bar Berlin - Restaurant reviews by Victoria Radugina. Ресторанные ревю от Виктории Радугиной.

Marlene Bar

Update: Unfortunately, the cigar lounge behind the Marlene bar has disappeared. In the “old good” times there you could enjoy your cigar, food and drink at the same time at the same place. It was a pretty cozy, discreet, quiet and elegant spot. In the main space of the bar they used to, almost every evening, have live music played by high class musicians. They don’t anymore. This, as well as the disappearance of the cigar lounge, is another sad fact on our list of the happenings under the title “we are losing Berlin the way it used to be”… Berlin becomes less and less attractive for a middle-aged, “straight” or of the traditional orientation, educated person with culture and taste.

Marlene Bar, Berlin <span class="dnln_flag_en"></span>

Marlene bar

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