Montecristo Churchill Añejados 

Montecristo Anejados - Cigar Tasting
Announced last year, and presented at the Habanos Festival XVII, Añejados add the cigar list of most demanding, refined smokers. These cigars have been aged in their box for 5 to 8 years. Añejados are not widely available, due to the fact that they are limited to the quantity initially laid down to age, and so today I am even a more particular taster (which is not easy to imagine) than I usually am.

47 X 178                   Cigar reviews - Montecristo
Capa: Cuba
Capote: Cuba
Tripa: Cuba
Origin: Cuba


Visual & wrapper:

Beautiful brown wrapper, just slightly oily, smooth and monotone.

Cold Nose:

Great aromas. It’s a combination of honey cake, damp cigar tobacco, leather, and a tiny sprinkle of pepper – almost unnoticeable.

In Smoking:

Luxurious cold smoke immediately charms me. What an appealing compatibility between the bouquet and fortaleza. Delightful smoke.

The smoke is cooled and tasty, like a bar of chocolate. A tone of cold cacao drink, a bit of toast. Sweet wood. The flavours are smoothed into one tender harmony.

Then lovely musty tones start woven into the delicious combination, but it’s not powerful, every tone is a brushstroke. This is not an indigestible clod of tastes, but a refined delicacy.

Nice cocoa powder on my lips.

The last third is just as good as the other 2. I’m defining a slight hint of greenness and logs. Then again coming back – now in the taste, not aroma –  honey cake with slightly burnt crust. The usual Montecristo black pepper is practically absent. But be more attentive smoking the 3rd part, although it is still delightful organoleptically, it has already accumulated strong tobacco compounds, and may affect you if you are not resistant to heavy cigar smoke.

This cigar gives a rarely pleasant aftertaste.

There is no aggression in this cigar, but the body is beautiful and noticeable, its sweetness is just right, its strength is not overly high – yet it is there, it’s not a weightless cigar.


Harmonious, full-bodied cigar with beautiful character, for smokers who appreciate exquisitely tasty and velvety cigars. One of my favorites now.


Montecristo Churchill Anejados Cigar review

Victoria Radugina © May 2015


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