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I have in front of me one of the two vitolas of the line Añejados (which means aged) – smooth, slighty oily, attractive piramide named “Romeo y Julieta Piramides Añejados“. The colour of the wrapper, warm chocolate-brown, is nicely matching with the additional band “Añejados”.

Capa: Cuba
Capote: Cuba
Tripa: Cuba
Origin: Cuba



52 X 156


These cigars have been aged in their box for the time of 5 to 8 years.


The dress-boxes of 25 cigars carry an additional band identifying their belonging to Añejados line. These cigars, as well as their “brothers” Montecristo Churchill Añejados are not widely available, due to the fact that they are limited to the quantity initially laid down to age.

 Cuban Cigars Tasting - ANEJADOS


Visual & Wrapper:

Beautifully executed cigar, with wonderfully made end of the piramide format – very pointed, sharp. The wrapper is a nicely coloured, marble-like colorado, flickering with little maduro flecks.

Cold Nose:

Very smooth, delicate aroma: cherry, zephyr (sweets), honey cake, dry soil.

In Smoking:

The flavour in smoking is tenderly sweet and toasty, in a delicate way. Yet, full-bodied. The bouquet of this cigar is velvety, deep and elegant, with sub-tones of cherry, redwood.

The 2nd third goes without major changes. Nice smoke, nice ash. It may seam even a bit plain for the 2nd part.

The 3rd third adds pleasant tingling. The cigar tastes more spicy, releasing the smoke retro-nasal way. In general, it’s just more toasty and seams sweeter. There is also a very light pleasant bitterness.


Romeo y Julieta Piramides Añejados are good cigars for a relaxed evening. They will not sweep you off your feet, and probably many smokers will find them not too interesting. However, they do deserve respect, these cigars of an elegant and mild flavour profile, made and aged with care.



Romeo y Julieta Añejados

Victoria Radugina © April 2015


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