Habano’s Festival, Cuba

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Cuba, Havana 2015

One day at the Cigar Factory H.Upmann, Havana

Visiting cigar factory: Festival del Habano XVIIphoto Hendrick Baumann

The traditional reading. This is a good old tradition in the Havana cigar factories: the reader (Lector) is reading newspapers and good literature to the torsedors during the working day, while they are busy rolling cigars. (read here about Cuban torsedors).

The Cigar Sommelier Contest winner, 2015: Walter Saens Rodríguez Neto

Habanos Festival, the winner sommelier of the Habano's Sommelier Contest

Cigar Festival XVII – the Winner of the Sommelier Contest. Куба, Сигарный Фестиваль XVII. Cигарный сомелье, победитель международного конкурса сомелье

His art of a cigar sommelier was absolutely impressive. The winner of the International Sommelier Contest of the Festival del Habano.

Exclusive event by German and Swiss distribution and Cuban cigar industry

фестиваль Хабанос на Кубе. Habanos Cuba

Habanos’ Fastival, Heinrich Villiger on the stage

The Auction of exclusive humidors, Havana

Festival del Habano 2015

Auction of humidors, Simon Chase

photo Hendrik Baumann

The Auction was traditionally conducted by Simon Chase.

The Dinner and the concert of the best musicians and artists were stunningly staged and beautifully performed. But actually every Gala Dinner in Havana at the end of every Habanos Festival is unforgettable, high class, a really stunning event to visit.

Humidor Montecristo

Humidor Montecristo, Habano's festival 2015. Фестиваль сигар Гавана

Habanos Festival XVII. Сигарный Фестиваль на Кубе

This humidor is one of the Auction humidors of the XVII Festival del Habano. To my opinion, it was the most stylish one.

Añejados Cigars

This line of habanos has adorned the Festival del Habano, or Habanos’ Festival 2015. These stunning and delightful cigars will definitely make a pride to cigar collectors and aficionados.


Habanos festoval, cigars Añejados, Cuba cigar festival

new cigar release Añejados

The sizes of the new cigar release of the XVII cigar Festival:

Romeo y Julieta Piramides Añejados 52 X 156

Montecristo Churchill Añejados 47 X 178

You can read my reviews of these cigars here Romeo y Julieta Piramides Añejados and here Montecristo Churchill Añejados.

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